About Us

About Us

Eliminate the manual and redundant processing of print by integrating part inventory online. Mypafway’s primary purpose is the transfer of company and product information in a cost-effective manner. We present information effectively online by streamlining your part inventory to our database. Your time should be better spent on serving your customers and growing your business. Utilizing our website will not only help the auto parts industry but will redraw the industry structure in a way that spurs enormous growth by allowing companies to promote product information in a way that has never before been commercially viable. Mypafway will provide interactive communication services, namely, the operation of shipping and handling. Our website facilitates buying, selling and searching automotive products online. The Committee for Economic Development has suggested that, "the development and testing of new business models for the distribution of creative content should be given the highest priority by the content industries."


"Since over 70% of all parts are sold through an e-Catalog system like Activant, NAPA or other proprietary retailers, timely e-catalog data is increasingly important to business growth,” said VDI President Jay Wright. To achieve fast, efficient updates, suppliers, manufactures and independents need tight control over their inventory. If you already have an established website, want to add products and streamline your inventory, we have several solutions to help automate your inventory. We capture data from merchants; format the data in the exact data structure needed for our existing website platform through the following formats.


  • Cross sell using Mypafway
    Cross Selling

    Cross sell and form strategic alliances with other companies

  • Ship auto parts with Mypafway

    Ship Auto Parts

  • Streamline inventory with Mypafway
    Streamlining Inventory

    Streamline and automate auto part inventory


  • Cross sell with Mypafway
    Cross Selling

    Reach a target audience missed by other media

  • Generate leads with Mypafway
    Lead Generation

    Generate leads, drive traffic and revenue online

  • Leverage technology with Mypafway
    Leveraging of Technology

    Leverage technology and lower operating costs

  • Streamline inventory with Mypafway
    Streamlining Inventory

    Eliminate the traditional practice of selling through an auto parts catalogue

What your customers really want

  • Search and rate auto parts with Mypafway
    Parts Search

    Ability to locate hard to find auto parts

  • Research auto parts with Mypafway
    Parts Information

    Ability to obtain information on auto parts and pricing

  • Place orders efficiently with Mypafway
    Efficient Ecommerce

    Quick order taking