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1. Do I have to sign a contract?
No. Every plan is month to month.
2. Will my data be safe?
Your data will be protected by all protocols according to our screening procedures. Mypafway has implemented security safeguards and backup procedures to protect your data. If you have questions please review our FAQs or visit our Contact page.
3. Ease of Application
Eliminate the traditional practice of selling through a catalogue, with a faster eco-friendly method.
4. Reason to Buy Online
Involve consumers with your brand - Consumers appreciate being able to actively participate with brands online. They can click on the information they want, offer feedback and, most importantly, choose to buy. File Sharing - It can make business processes more efcient. It can help improve the speed and accuracy of transactions. For example, an online ordering system can eliminate or reduce manual paper work and telephone order taking. Online is easier than ever to plan, buy and measure - Your Data Feeds can be easily tracked, giving you reliable statistics on its success. Speed to market - Datafeeds can be easily updated and be able to quickly supply customers with current information. For example, you can change your products and prices more quickly and efficiently on the Web compared to a print-based catalogue. 70 percent of consumers said they regularly purchase from eBay or Amazon consumers are using more sophisticated, specic searches to seek out the exact products and deals they want. “There are some consumers who would prefer to buy product locally, but they are using the Internet to nd that local place to research and buy it. “ Tim Odom, president of The AAM Group. Sara Kleinberg and David Saul. State of Search 2009. Google presentation. July 15, 2009